This is simple, tooth-replacement therapies have been in use for thousands of years however dental Implants is the most well adapted surgery for the job. Against dental bridges and dentures, implants are measured an fitted for each individual’s mouth and are screwed into the jawbone with a titanium rod. This keeps the replacement secure and prevents and damage to surrounding teeth as its self supporting and fit for the alignment of your jaw so won’t interfere with facial shaping.

Also, dental implants are made to replicate the tooth it is replacing, therefore you should treat it like a normal tooth and it will act like a normal tooth. Bridges and dentures rely on support from other surrounding teeth which can put pressure on the gyms and the structure of the mouth. This causes the break down of the surrounding teeth and will elongate the procedure to a strong set of teeth. Dentures especially are prone to moving in the mouth, rubbing on the gums which can cause gum disease and making you nervous of your teeth falling out when you eat, speak or even yawn!

Dental Implants are the best choice as they are life long. Dentures and bridges on average last 3-7 years, this is with the best treatment from the owner and care being taken at all times. Implants, after their placement and healing will last for the rest of your life, being strong and supportive in your mouth. You can eat what you want, drink what you want, smile as you wish and live with confidence that your teeth won’t fall out.

Bridges and dentures are prone to cause oral upsets due to rubbing on the gums as they move. Also, there is the hassle of having to repeatedly clean your tooth-replacements to prevent bacterial infections. Implants, once they’re inserted and healed are never going to cause you problems again and you won’t even give them a second thought in ever day life.
Of course accidents may happen that are out of both the surgeons and the patients can’t be blamed for.

Implants have been given the most attention by dental professionals because it it the most effective treatment, dentures and bridges are a thing of the past and won’t keep your mouth the way you want it for the rest of the decade let alone the rest of your life.


If dental implants are a little to invasive for you, there are a range of other cosmetic dental treatments that can provide outstanding results for example Veneers and if that is still a little to much time in the dental chair you can always get you diy veneer system Press On Veneers

What ever you decide in being the right treatment for you. Make sure you love the out come after all its your smile

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