clip in veneers

Trend setters take a look at these. Clip in veneers the greatest new dental trend that doesn’t require a dentist. no dentist means less money and more bang for your buck. Have you always dreamed of a whiter smile, or maybe a straighter smile. Maybe a different shaper smile like longer teeth or if you dare vampire fangs. Okay joking about the fangs, but you get the drift. Now all those wants or needs can be a reality at a very affordable price thanks to clip in veneers. Clip in veneers are a relatively new system used to give your smile a brand new look and shade. If you have hang ups like slightly crooked teeth or you hate they way the don’t line up. Maybe you like that Ryland white. You know the blinding bright white kind of tooth shade clip in veneers have you covered.
There are a few companies that offer the device in the UK. From what I’ve seen so far you get what you pay for. They all kind of follow the same process though white is.

You get sent an impression kit and this is basically some mouth trays like the ones your dentist would use. You get two pots of putty for each tray too. You have to mix the two together and then roll the mixed putty into like a sausage she and lay it in the tray. You then push the tray wth one form motion on to your teeth. You wait something around 4 minutes for the putty to set then you remove and wash in cold water. Repeat for the lower jaw and pop them in a bag and send them back.
2. Moulds.
They then cast out some models of your mouth from these impression scan them into a computer.
3. Design
Then on to the design of the clip in smile. From the scanned in model the actual device is lost like drawn on a computer and then milled out on a specialist machine.
4 A brand new smile

Snap on smile

instant veneers

Then just like magic in the post you receive a brand new smile that literally clips over your teeth. You cant also eat and drink in them which i think is great as would be awkward on your first date having to drop them in a glass of water at the table like dentures.
Crooked teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth. Longing for a whiter smile for your night cub selfies or what your wedding snaps to beam with a beautiful smile then clip in veneers have you covered.

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Clip on veneers