Nervous Patients

For some people, a trip to the dentist can be a much more difficult task than for others. Everyone is scared of something and for some people; the dentist is their biggest fear. Whether they are scared due to a bad past experience or because of the sound of the whirring drill, it is important that dentists do all they can to reassure nervous patients and help them combat their fears.
Luckily, we live in a modern world where many of the old dentistry techniques and procedures are outdated. Equipment like foot pump powered drills may have had their place 70 years ago, but luckily today we have much better and less scary equipment available to us. Many nervous patients associate a trip to the dentist with pain, bleeding and unpleasant things being poked around inside their mouth. It is the modern cosmetic dentist’s job to do all they can to eliminate this awful stereotype and help nervous patients get the dental treatment they need whilst not scaring them.
One of the biggest fears for many nervous patients is the drill. Now there is technology called ‘Crystal Air’ which can be used as an alternative to the drill. This is an air abrasion system which uses a thin stream of air to gently remove plaque instead of the drill. For nervous patients this technology is fantastic – it enables them to combat their fears and does not cause any discomfort whatsoever.
The fact that nowadays much better local anaesthetics are available means that patients should not feel any pain whatsoever whilst undergoing dental treatment. For those who are still too nervous, many dental practices offer anaesthesia as well. These practices will work alongside a trained anaesthetist to make sure that the patient is asleep during procedures. This can really help nervous patients, especially if they need extensive work but cannot face it.
Another amazing piece of modern dental technology is ‘The Wand’. This fantastic bit of kit is a system designed to administer injections of local anaesthetic so gently that patients do not even realise it has happened! The Wand is great for people with a phobia of needles as it is so gentle, it literally is unnoticeable. Extremely useful for treatments such as root canals and implants, the wand administers anaesthetic slowly through a computerised system and a hand piece that looks like an innocent pen.
If you are a nervous patient, try to find a cosmetic dentist that offers The Wand and Crystal Air as these technologies really do help nervous patients beat their fear of the dentist.

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