Cosmetic Implant Dentistry

Dentistry is no longer just about pulling out teeth, filling in cavities and scaling and polishing. Modern cosmetic dentistry is all about gaining great aesthetics for your teeth which in turn helps confidence. There are a huge amount of cosmetic dental treatments available and the market for these treatments is ever-growing. People are starting to realise how important a healthy, natural, white smile is, not only socially but also professionally.
The trend of cosmetic dentistry began in America and has quickly taken the world by storm. Now people from all over the world are waking up to the benefits of having an attractive smile.
The most popular cosmetic dental treatment is teeth Whitening. This procedure is relatively inexpensive, takes only two weeks to complete and has a massive positive effect on the appearance of teeth. The market for teeth whitening is growing rapidly and pretty much all celebrities, TV personalities, singers, actors and the like have had their teeth whitened. With the relatively low cost of this treatment standing at £300 – £500, more and more people are realising that they too can have that Hollywood smile.
Another great cosmetic dental treatment is veneers, these are thin tooth facings made of ceramic that can be coloured to match the natural teeth perfectly. Veneers are dentally bonded onto the front facing of front teeth and are a great way to get even, attractive teeth without extensive dentistry or the need to alter much of the natural tooth underneath. From around £500 per tooth, patients can have a beautiful set of veneers that can greatly improve their facial aesthetics.
One of the best pieces of cosmetic dentistry technology is undoubtedly Cerec. CEREC is a CAD/CAM machine that is used to design and mill out veneers, crowns, bridges and inlays out of a solid block of ceramic. CEREC is a very advanced treatment option used by the best cosmetic dentists. With CEREC you can have a brand new crown, veneer or bridge made and fitted in under one hour per tooth! CEREC restorations can be stained and glazed as well, ensuring they correspond with the natural teeth perfectly.
For patients that have lost a whole tooth, dental implants are the best option to replace it. A dental implant is effectively a small cylindrical piece of titanium that is implanted into the jawbone. Once the titanium implant has had a chance to adhere to the bone (usually within a few months), the gum can be opened up exposing the implant and a post can be attached to it. Once the post is fitted a ceramic crown can be placed over the post, leaving a solid, permanent tooth that functions and looks completely natural. Implants last a lifetime if they are properly looked after and are the very best way to restore a missing tooth. Implantology is very complex however and only the best cosmetic dentists can perform this treatment option.
There are of course many other cosmetic dental treatments available on the market, and I’m sure in a few years there will be many more – it will be exciting to see what the future holds for cosmetic dentistry.